1. Pets.

    Children play with the neighbourhood puppies in Delhi.

    Children of construction workers with their pet dog in Bangalore.

  2. Hot Chocolate Fudge.

    A shout-out to the person who came up with the idea, Rashmi, and the awesome people over at bellycentric.in 

    Nirula’s, Delhi: Rs 170 for ‘Triple Scoop’. Debate is still on as to what makes this HCF so divine and addictive…is it the super crunchy nut topping? Is it the deliciously gooey chocolate fudge? Or is it yummy butterscotch ice-cream? Whatever it is, Nirula’s HCF makes people coming back for more, despite the outrageous pricing. 

    Corner House, Bangalore: Rs 80 for ‘Regular’. Perfect combination of vanilla, chocolate and nuts. *brb, drooling*

  3. Mehendi.

    A young girl applies mehendi on the hands of a woman on the occasion of karva chauth in Delhi. Mehendi is often applied at Delhi homes by friends, neighbours, and sometimes, dominating older cousins

    Henna cones and oil kept for display / selling in Jayanagar, Bangalore.

  4. Rangoli.

    Rangoli made of flowers at the doorstep of a house in Delhi on Diwali. 

    Miniature rangoli design made in the living room in Bangalore on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi.

  5. Snack time!

    Momos at the Arunachal Pradesh Stall, Dilli Haat.

    Tea time snacks - Kodbale, Nippattu and ‘congress kadalekai’ with Chai.

  6. Delhi Photographers vs Bangalore photographers. 

    In view of the increasing number of photography enthusiasts in both the cities!

  7. Taxi stand.

    Lodi Estate, Delhi 

    Though there are not many typical taxi stands in Bangalore, I found a couple of old-school taxis parked below the flyover at KR Market.